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About Me

Hey hey! I’m Leah and I’m the teen blogger behind the screen of Faith Filled You. I’m a teen Christian lifestyle blogger helping fellow young believers to find and know the goodness of God. 

I started my blog near the end of 2019 simply to share my love for Jesus and to inspire and encourage others in their walk with Christ. My goal has always been simple: to help more people find Jesus and to make his goodness known by glorifying and praising him! Faith has always been one of the most important parts of who I am, and truly FINDING and KNOWING God has brought abundant joy, peace, and so much more GOOD into my life. I want to help others find and know Jesus the way I have in the past few years so that they may experience the life-changing and endless good that having a relationship with Him brings.

My mission has always been to spread God’s word and love in any way possible and to help others begin or continue their relationship with Jesus. More than anything, I want Faith Filled You to become a community and an outlet for all people. Let’s continue growing our faith together!

So what do you say, are you in?

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You can also find me @faithfilledyou on my main social media platforms: Instagram and Pinterest.

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