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Faith-Inspired Bucket List Ideas For Christians

I LOVE bucket lists! Reading bucket lists is so fun to me because they get me so inspired to get out of bed and have fun living my life. You can come across the most unique ideas while reading them, and they really can open the door to creativity and opportunities.

In all my time both creating AND reading bucket lists, I have never come across a “Christian” or “faith-inspired” bucket list, so I thought it would be a fun and simple twist to create my own to share all of the faith-based ideas I hope accomplish and do in my life as a Christian. Hopefully my bucket list ideas will inspire you and give you ideas on how you can continue to praise, glorify, and seek God while helping others to do the same! (P.S. – I’m interested to see what you would add to this bucket list, so comment your ideas below!)

My faith-inspired Christian bucket list ideas

1. Do missionary work

If I’m being honest, this has always been at the top of my list! (I became inspired to do this since learning about Thomas Rhett, the country music star, and Lauren Akin’s mission work story where they even met their adopted daughter!) Missionary work is when you go into communities around the world that are often in poverty and help out the people and communities while also sharing and teaching others about the Christian faith and Jesus.

I know people who have done missionary work and I can’t tell you enough about the positive feedback I’ve heard. From what I’ve been told, the experience seems incredibly fulfilling and humbling, and it can help take your faith to a whole new level. I am so excited to hopefully become a missionary someday (my dream destination is somewhere in Africa), and maybe it’s something you’ll do too!

2. Go to a Christian concert

Let me rephrase…go to (many) Christian concerts! What a better way to worship and praise God than being in a room full of believers just singing our hearts out, embracing the moment, and glorifying Jesus. I can just feel the overwhelming joy and happiness just thinking about it!

Some people/bands I can’t wait to book tickets to see: Lauren Daigle, NEEDTOBREATHE, Casting Crowns, for KING & COUNTRY (& so many more!)

Photo by Josh Sorenson on

3. Attend the Passion Conference

If you’ve never heard of the Passion Conferences, you NEED to read more about it here! The Passion Conferences are some of the largest worship gatherings. THOUSANDS (and I mean thousands) of people attend this yearly event, and they pack into a stadium where they worship, well-known Christian music artists perform, and leaders and teachers speak and preach.

Some popular artists and speakers who have spoken or performed are Sadie Robertson, Hillsong UNITED, Kari Jobe, Cody Carnes, Elevation Music, Christine Caine, and more!

4. Join a Bible study group

Community is huge to me, so having a like-minded community of people seeking God would inspire and motivate me to read the Bible! I want to hear how others interpret certain things and how they can apply it to their own life. It’s something I’d love to do in the future!

5. Read a Devotional Book

Okay…I’ve sort of already done this, but I DEFINITELY want to do it again! The devotional I read was Jesus Calling by Sarah Young (which is listed on the “My Favorites” page of my blog found here) and I would 1000/10 recommend it! This helped me to view my faith in a new, deeper, and intimate way as well as helping me to learn and grow closer to Jesus.

I added this to my bucket list because I want to find another one to read (comment your recommendations!) and because I really encourage you to read one. (Most times it’s a short excerpt/passage per day with a reflection or Bible verse.) You won’t regret it!

Photo by Fallon Michael on

6. Read the (whole) Bible

This one is tough, but it’s a goal! Who will be joining me?!

7. Get very involved in my church

This is something I would love to do so I can meet some new people and lead others to Jesus. Honestly I’m not entirely sure what I mean by this, but I want to get involved in any ways possible.

8. Do a pilgrimage defines a pilgrimage as “a journey, especially a long one, made to some sacred place as an act of religious devotion.” In a way, it’s similar to the mission trips I mentioned that I wanted to do above, but pilgrimages don’t always include charity or volunteer group. For example, one I’d love to do is to Lourdes, a popular Catholic pilgrimage site.

9. Travel to religious destinations

I might be getting a little repetitive 🙂 (can you tell I love to travel?) There’s some places I would love to visit, such as Israel and Lourdes (mentioned above). Another popular place that I have already visited is the Vatican in Rome, which was absolutely incredible!

Photo by Oli on

10. Join or attend a prayer group

Similar to a Bible study group, I’d love to attend or be part of a prayer group! It sounds so nice to pray in a group with others and form life-long bonds and friendships.

11. Go to a Christian summer camp

I’ve heard about many amazing Christian summer camps. I would love to go to one and meet some new friends, praise Jesus, and have fun! (If you’re too old, try volunteering at one!)

12. Create an *ultimate* worship playlist

…and play it in the car while jamming out with friends. (Honestly, I love listening to worship songs and music alone to feel uplifted and the power of the Holy Spirit!) Make a go-to Christian playlist when you need a pick-me-up or when you want to feel inspired and just praise the Lord!

(You can find my ultimate Christian/worship playlist in my post My Worship Playlist To Find Peace In God by clicking here!)

13. Attend a new Christian or faith-based event

I live for these new, fun adventures! Try to find an event, whether it’s large or small, locally or far away, to attend with some friends!

14. Bring a friend to mass with you

Thought I’d just add this because I love going to mass with my friends. You never know the positive impact it could have on someone, especially if they don’t regularly go!

15. Finish a Bible reading plan

These are great because they can target specific struggles or aspects of life! (If you want to find some, I’d recommend using the Bible app or even searching for some on Pinterest…follow me on Pinterest here…shameless self promo!)

16. Teach a Faith Formations class

I love to teach…being a teacher is actually my dream job! So I think it’d be really fun to dedicate a bit of my time to specifically teach others about Jesus and bring kids closer to him.

17. Do volunteer work, charity work, and more simple acts of kindness

Here’s some possible ideas:

  • Organizing a drive
  • Spending time with elderly at a nursing home
  • Helping out at a soup kitchen
  • Planning an event
  • Giving money or food to the homeless or in need
  • Paying for someone else’s order
  • Paying a compliment
  • Leaving sweet notes
  • Buying a random gift

18. Lead someone closer to Jesus

At the end of the day, this is is the most important thing on my bucket list. One of my largest goals in life is to bring people closer to Jesus, even if it’s just one person. It can make the biggest difference and could save someone. So let’s all yearn for this every day!

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So, that’s what’s on my faith-inspired bucket list for Christians. (If I can think of anything else, I’ll be sure to add it, so save this post!) There’s many things I’d love to do and accomplish, but the most important thing to me is becoming a better example and light in the world, growing as a Christian, and leading others to Christ.

I’d love to hear what’s on YOUR list, so leave a comment below letting me know! Thanks for reading!



2 thoughts on “Faith-Inspired Bucket List Ideas For Christians

  1. I. LOVE. THIS!!! This is such a fun twist on the typical bucket list and everything on here is 100% awesome! Christian concerts, Bible study groups, missions trips… everything! This is the ultimate bucket list!!


    1. I’m glad you liked the post, Megan! I thought it’d be a unique little twist so I’m glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for reading! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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